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UPDATE: The Stratos 714 VLJ Completes Second Test Flight

At present, Stratos is not taking deposits on the aircraft, and deliveries are still many years away.
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The Stratos 714 VLJ is targeting a 400-knot cruise speed and 1,500 nm range.

2-20-16 – Testing has continued for the Stratos 714 VLJ (Very Light Jet), with a second test flight taking place late last month in Redmond, OR, where the aircraft is based. Carsten Stundin, the Engineering Manager at Stratos, while talking to AVweb about the aircraft’s flight test performance, said that they are continuing with  “expected minor aerodynamic adjustments to dial in the stick control forces. The Stratos 714 is controlled by a side stick and it has a relatively large flight envelope in terms of speed, altitude and also CG range. As expected, this requires some fine tuning of control stick forces.

As previously mentioned, Stratos is expecting to fly the jet to AirVenture 2017, as well as NBAA’s Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (NBAA-BACE) in October to promote awareness and drum up excitement for the aircraft from investors and prospective buyers.

The company still isn’t taking deposits for the aircraft, with Stratos’ CEO Michael Lemaire explaining to AVweb that they are privately funded for the prototype phase, during which they plan to “explore the full flight envelope and draw conclusions for the certification stage. We are not yet funded for the certification phase. At present, we have no plan to take deposits towards deliveries, which are still many years away.

Original Post 12-1-16: The 4 Seat Stratos 714 VLJ Completes Important First Test Flight

Stratos Aircraft has successfully completed the first test flight for the Stratos 714, a four-seat Very Light Jet (VLJ) the company has had in development for a number of years. The flight lasted for 10 minutes, during which the aircraft reached a speed of 128 knots and an altitude of 3,700 feet, with the flaps set to 24 degrees and the gear extended.

Michael Lemaire, the CEO of Stratos Aircraft, said that the flight was a very exciting event for the whole team, adding “We invested the time and effort in the initial design and construction phases to assure that this proof of concept aircraft would ease the path to certification. After flight testing is complete, we will pursue a Type Certificate. We could shave off a considerable amount of certification time and start producing finished aircraft with additional investment, of course.

More Details on the Stratos 714 VLJ Test Flight

Test pilot Dave Morss was in the pilots seat for the flight, which was focused on verifying general stability and systems operations for the aircraft. Stratos says that Morss was satisfed with the overall handling of the 714, and was able to provide the development team with some useful feedback.

The company plans to continue with a flight testing program that will fully explore the performance capabilities of the aircraft, with the hope of achieving a cruise speed of over 400 knots and a range of 1,500 nautical miles. According to Stratos, if they can hit that kind of performance, Miami to Seattle would take only 7 hours with just a single stop.

Stratos isn’t currently taking deposits or orders at this time, but Kevin Jordan, the Chief Sales Offices, says that “we have made it possible for interested parties to register on our website for airplane availability updates and investment opportunities.” You can visit that page by clicking here.

And if you need another excuse to take part on EAA’s AirVenture 2017 this next year, Stratos plans on being there with a product introduction.

The Stratos 714 development team and aircraft after first flight

Video of the First Stratos 714 VLJ Test Flight

Specs on the Stratos 714 VLJ

Seating 4
Type of Certification FAR 23, Single pilot, VFR day/night, IFR, Known icing conditions
Propulsion Pratt & Whitney Canada JT15D-5
Takeoff Thrust 2,900 lbs 12.9 Kn
Height 9.8 ft 3.0 m
Wing Span 40.5 ft 12.3 m
Length 35.8 ft 10.9 m
Cabin Height (max) 4.8 ft 146 cm
Cabin Width (max) 4.7 ft 143 cm
Cabin Length 9.5 ft 290 cm
Volume 160 cu ft 4.5 m3
Take off to 50 ft, MTOW, Sea level, ISA Std day 1,970 ft 600 m
Landing from 50 ft, MLW, Sea level, ISA Std day 2,240 ft 683 m
Stall Speed 63 Knots 117 Km/h
Max Cruise (at 30,000 ft / 9144 m) 415 KTAS 769 Km/h
Time to Climb to FL 370 17 min.
Service Ceiling 41,000 ft 12,500 m
Range with 4 Occupants (NBAA IFR) 1,500 nm 2779 Km

Featured Images: courtesy of Stratos Aircraft

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