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Kitfox Aircraft Reveals the 2017 Speedster

The Kitfox 2017 Speedster features a fuel injected Rotax engine, a great useful load, strong short field performance, and “acro-like” handling.

If you’re going to EAA AirVenture 2017, then John McBean, the President of Kitfox Aircraft, is advising you to take the time to visit their show site so you can take the in the awesome that is the new Kitfox 2017 Speedster. He does caution, however, that you should bring some napkins, because “drooling is to be expected.”

Bearing the same name as the group’s popular 1992 Kitfox Speedster (which also debuted at AirVenture), the 2017 Speedster also shares its design with another Kitfox classic, the Kitfox S7 Super Sport. (The company notes on their Facebook page that they considered calling the new Speedster the “Kitfox Koupe,” but instead decided to honor the heritage of the original Speedster.) Working from the S7, Kitfox crafted the 2017 Speedster as a “clipped wing, aerodynamically refined and superbly styled tail dragger” that is significantly larger and faster than the original Speedster. The new model features a fuel injected Rotax engine, a great useful load, strong short field performance, and other refinements that give the airplane handling the company describes as “acro-like.

So if that sounds good to you, add show site 634 and 635 to your “must-see” AirVenture list, and be among the first to see the Speedster’s “outrageous color, paint scheme and new logo.” And if you do visit the booth, Kitfox Aircraft is hinting that even more surprises may be in store.

Featured Image: 2017 Kitfox Speedster, courtesy of Kitfox Aircraft / Larry A. Raulston, used with permission.

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