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We believe that by sharing personal experiences we gain insight and become better pilots. So we created this website where students, seasoned pilots, and everyone in-between can share their experiences with aviation in an easy to read, beautiful way. Our hope is that you will follow our site, read these heartfelt articles and continue to become the safest, most proficient pilot possible.

The Disciples of Flight Documentary arrives

Image from the Disciples of Flight documentary

The Disciples of Flight documentary explores why this unique community of aviators take the risks they do, what they get out of it, and what drives people to the skies.

I absolutely love flying. It’s in my blood. I live and breathe it.

I want to do this more than anything else in the world.

It’s a passion, it’s a religion, it’s the only way of life I know.

You’ve heard your friends or family members say something similar, or maybe you’ve even said it yourself. But when flying well and truly takes ahold of you, it’s the only thing that matters. It’s an all-consuming passion, and when those around you don’t understand it, you feel like an outsider. But you are not alone. There is a core of passionate aviators, from CFIs to aerobatic pilots, airline captains, the glider obsessed, and people from every walk of life who just can’t wait for the next chance to use that pilot certificate and get back up in the air.

The Disciples of Flight documentary will be available November 2019 for digital rental and download.

We know the feeling, and so we set out to meet with other passionate pilots, hear their stories, and try to understand what it is that draws us back into the airplane, flight after flight. We found different and amazing motivations, fascinating stories about the path to the pilot’s seat, and a variety of opinions on which airplanes are the best and why. But in the end, we all realized that the thing we wanted to be doing the most was simply flying. So join us for an exploration, and examination of what it means to want nothing more in the world but to fly.

There are pilots, there are aviators, and there are Disciples of Flight. Spend time with our Disciples of Flight who are compelled to live in the cockpit, because it’s the only way of life they understand.

Anders Clark was introduced to aviation a few short years ago, and has developed an interest in aviation history and what the future of aviation will bring. A writer and editor, Anders enjoys researching and sharing the stories of aviation.