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Cessna Delivers 7000th Citation

Cessna Citation Latitude in flight
Cessna Citation Latitude in flight

Cessna delivered its first Citation more than forty years ago, in 1972. And over the years, the Cessna Citation has become one of the most popular business jets worldwide. Citations have accumulated over 35 million flight hours, more than any of its competitors. Cessna recently revealed that they’ve reached another milestone, delivering their 7000th Citation, a Latitude, to NetJets.

Adam Johnson, the CEO of NetJets, a company which facilitates fractional (or shared) ownership of aircraft, had this to say, “The Citation Latitude business jet gives our owners and their guests best-in-class performance, size and comfort in the midsize category. With the Latitude, we will continue giving owners unparalleled service and safety, while advancing our long-term relationship with Textron Aviation.” Due to the positive response of aircraft owners to the Latitude, NetJets has added 50 more options to its initial order, bringing its total order and options to 200 aircraft.

The Latitude is one of eight current Citation models, which also include the Citation Mustang, Citation M2, Citation CJ3+, Citation CJ4, Citation XLS+, Citation Soverieng+ and Citation X+.

Scott Ernest, the CEO and President of Textron Aviation (who owns the Cessna brand) had this to say about the Citation line, “Throughout the years, the Citation line has evolved to meet the growing needs of our customers and their missions … we are pairing decades of proven reliability and performance with the latest technology into the broadest product lineup of jets in the industry.

Cessna Citation Models in Development

There are currently two additional Cessna Citation models being developed, the Citation Longitude, and Citation Hemisphere. The Longitude, classified as a super-midsize business jet, is expected to start flying this summer. The Hemisphere, marking Cessna’s entry into the large-cabin market, is currently expected to start flying in 2019.

Featured Image: Textron Aviation

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