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Avidyne Announces ADS-B Rebate and Software Upgrades

Avidyne Entegra Flight Deck in a Cirrus SR20 - Avidyne ADS-B Rebate and Software Upgrades Announced
Cockpit of an Avidyne Entegra equipped Cirrus SR-20

Avionics manufacturer Avidyne has joined the FAA and FreeFlight Systems in the ADS-B rebate game. In addition, they’re providing software upgrades that will add ADS-B compatibility to select products.

Details on the Avidyne ADS-B Rebate

The “Don’t Wait” Avidyne ADS-B rebate will be for $500, and applies to single-engine piston aircraft owners who install qualifying ADS-B avionics before September 30th, 2016.

According to Avidyne’s VP of Sales and Marketing, Mitch Biggs, “We have made it really simple for customers to buy Avidyne ADS-B Out compliant avionics and receive a $500 Instant Rebate, with no waiting period and none of the hassles associated with the program recently announced by the FAA and the Department of Transportation. In addition, customers who purchase an IFD540 plus an AXP340 ADS-B Out Transponder are also eligible for our current promotion, which is a free SkyTrax100 ADS-B In — a $2,500 value — for a total savings of $3,000. There’s simply no reason to wait.

Avidyne CEO Dan Schwinn agreed, saying that the FAA’s rebate offer is “pretty convoluted,” and it may cause people to put off equipping ADS-B compliant equipment. More information on the Avidyne ADS-B rebate can be found on Avidyne’s website.

Details on the Avidyne ADS-B Software Upgrades

Avidyne also announced that they are developing software releases that will add ADS-B compatibility to their Entegra Release 9 (R9) Integrated Flight Deck, and their EX-Series of multi-function displays.

Release 9.4 will add ADS-B out support for their AXP322 remote-mount transponder, and ADS-B in compatibility with their SkyTrax100 receiver. Additionally, this new software release also provides support for vertical guidance during GPS approaches (LP+V), and enables the Take Off / GO Around (TOGA) feature for R9-equipped Cirrus aircraft with the DFC100 autopilot.

The other software upgrade, release 8.2, enables Avidyne’s EX500, EX600 and EX5000 series displays, using either Avidyne’s SkyTrax100 receiver or the SkyTrax200/210 transceivers, to show ADS-B in traffic and subscription-free FIS-B weather information.

Both of the software upgrades will be field-loadable, and available later this year through authorized Avidyne dealers. Pricing for the upgrades will be announced once they are certified.

Featured Image: Mario Simoes

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