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Aviat Aircraft Offering The Husky Flying Experience This Summer

Aviat Aircraft is offering the Husky Flying Experience this summer

The Husky Flying Experience Promises a Great Backcountry Adventure

Aviat Aircraft is organizing a backcountry flying camp for anyone interested in learning to fly the backcountry in one of their famous Husky taildraggers. This opportunity, being called the Husky Flying Experience, will take place in the prime backcountry of Idaho and Wyoming, from June 11th to the 15th. The only requirement for taking part in the experience is that you are a licensed pilot with a current medical.

As Aviat describes it, “You will learn best practices, sharpen your flying skills, make new friends and have a great time.” The total cost for the Husky Flying Experience will be $8500, with a deposit of $2500 being necessary to reserve your seats. Aviat has said that they will only be accepting a limited number of pilots. The price is all-inclusive and covers the cost of the aircraft, instructors, fuel, meals, lodging, and a variety of planned backcountry activities including hiking, fishing, and horseback riding. As a final incentive, each attendee of the Husky Flying Experience will “receive special sales offers strictly unique to attending this event on all Aviat Aircraft.

The experience begins in Afton, Wyoming, at the Aviat headquarters, with a tour of the factory and an aircraft briefing. After that, you’ll jump in a Husky with an instructor, and hit the skies. Your destination will be the Sulfur Creek Ranch and airstrip in Idaho, with possible stops along the way at Antelope Valley, Copper Basin, and Smiley Creek. Once you arrive at the ranch, you’ll be settled into a private cabin and able to enjoy activities such as the previously mentioned hiking, fishing, and horseback riding.

The rest of the experience will feature additional backcountry flying and training, including a scenic flight around the world famous Grand Tetons, a variety of solo and group backcountry activities, and delicious backcountry dining. And once you’ve returned to Afton at the end of the experience, you’ll have a chance to talk shop with the current owner of Aviat, Stu Horn.

If the Husky Flying Experience sounds like the perfect trip to you, you can head over to Aviat’s website for more details, and to reserve a spot.

Featured Image: Aviat

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