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Soloy Aviation, SMA Collaborate on Skylane Engine Conversion STC

A Cessna 182 Skylane in flight - Soloy Aviation, SMA Collaborate on Skylane Engine Conversion STC
A Cessna 182 Skylane in flight

Soloy Aviation to Become the Holder For Skylane Engine Conversion STC

Soloy Aviation Solutions is working with SMA Engines on a second generation Skylane Engine conversion STC (supplement type certificate) program. Their aim is to begin testing a new high compression piston engine, the SMA SR305-230E, in Cessna 182 Skylanes. Under their current agreement, Soloy and SMY are co-developing the engineering program that will allow for the use of the new engine in Cessna 182s, as well as also improving the installation and aerodynamics package. Company officials said that applicable 182 models will be finalized as testing progresses with the engine conversion program.

Testing for the program will take place at Soloy’s facility in Olympia, Washington (located at KOLM), in accordance with the regulations of the European Aviation Safety Agency. Once the testing has been completed, Soloy Aviation will become the STC holder for these Skylane engine conversions. The company then plans to begin marketing this conversion STC worldwide.

James Cowan, Soloy’s CEO, had this to say about the program, “The future of current 100LL aviation fuel around the world is in question. We view the opportunity to use and improve upon SMA’s Cessna 182 engine installation STC, which will be a valid solution to the thousands of operators of Cessna 182 aircraft around the world. At the program’s completion, we expect to be able to offer a wide variety of Cessna 182 owners the chance to convert their current avgas engines to this efficient and powerful engine platform either at overhaul or anytime during TBO under the revised Soloy STC.

Dave Stauffer, Soloy’s Chief Operating Officer, and 38-year employee, has been a part of many Soloy STC programs before this, and added,  “Our initial focus from a mechanical and engineering standpoint will be to take advantage of the engine’s power and reliability. There are performance improvements to be gained through redesign of the current engine installation and aircraft nacelle and cowling configuration. There are many 182s out there and we believe we have a great option for them long term.

Soloy and SMA plan to start work on the Skylane engine conversion STC program immediately and finish the program in a 12 month period. Once the program finishes, it will make a total of 11 completed engine conversion STC’s for Soloy.

Featured Image: Andrij Bulba

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