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I am a pilot, photographer, avid outdoorsmen, and aircraft owner. I currently have the honor of owning a backcountry Cessna 182 and a Cessna 210 for landing on pavement. I make a living as a photographer and spend that living on aviation. I was given the aviation bug by Jim Hoddenbach and we started this blog together to share our experiences in aviation with like-minded pilots. Not all pilots are Disciples of Flight and not all Disciples of Flight are pilots. If you are one, you know it, and you recognize others like you.

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727 Fuselage Home

727 Fuselage Home In my efforts to “wow” you with exotic travel options, I came across this bizarre and intriguing option for housing accommodation …



DC PRO-X I am a new pilot, I fly a Cessna 172 heavy, and I wanted to be cool like my instructor Jim Hoddenbach. …

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