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We believe that by sharing personal experiences we gain insight and become better pilots. So we created this website where students, seasoned pilots, and everyone in-between can share their experiences with aviation in an easy to read, beautiful way. Our hope is that you will follow our site, read these heartfelt articles and continue to become the safest, most proficient pilot possible.

Aerodynamics – Stalls

Cessna Stalls animation


As a student pilot I did not find books to be as helpful in explaining some things as I would have hoped.  In my journey I came across a few videos produced by the FAA back in “the day” and surprisingly . . . I found them pretty relevant and helpful still.  SO I am lovingly titling this section:

A Blast From The Past – FAA videos on stalls from the 70’s – and still damn good information today.

And this is a video I made to simplify and clarify further what you need to know (the basics) about a stall.


Subject: Aerodynamics
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I am a pilot, videographer, avid outdoorsman, and aircraft owner. I currently have the honor of owning a variety of aircraft from a J3 Cub to a Cessna 210. I was given the aviation bug by Jim Hoddenbach and we started this blog together to share our experiences in aviation with like-minded pilots.