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New Utah Aviation College

UVU is now considered the third largest collegiate aviation program in the country based on enrollment.
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New Utah Aviation College

UVU Logo - New Utah Aviation College

Utah Valley University (UVU), located in Orem, has opened up an aviation wing (pun most definitely intended) of the college.  Here are some details from their website (//www.uvu.edu/aviation/):

“Whether you are interested in studying locally or online, the Aviation Program at Utah Valley University is designed to help you succeed.  Students can earn a Bachelor of Science Degree with either an emphasis in Aviation Administration or as a Professional Pilot. Associate degree options are also available. Students who are not able to attend UVU in person can complete either degree online, with the flight training portion of the professional pilot degree being completed conveniently at a local airport.”

This is exciting news indeed, especially for a whole new, younger generation of aviation enthusiasts.  According to the website, UVU is now considered the third largest collegiate aviation program in the country based on enrollment.  They will be offering courses on the campus itself, and  in UVU’s Aviation Hangars A and B.  These hangars are part of the Provo Municipal Airport.  They have a fleet of more than 25 aircraft for training purposes and multiple flight simulators.

UVU has been doing a good job of branching out as they’ve grown.  They continue to add more and more diverse programs and courses.  One can only hope that they continue to expand and support this new aviation program.  College is a great time to introduce a younger audience to the world of general aviation, and show them all the possibilities.  And, unlike SOME majors (*cough*arthistory*cough*) an aviation degree can lead to many interesting and lucrative job opportunities.  Provided, of course, that you don’t just funnel all that money right back into an airplane.

So, what say ye, fellow Disciples of Flight?  Is this going to be a boon in the fight to introduce the younger generation to aviation?  Will it help to keep aviation going strong for future generations?

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