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Pilatus Breaks Ground on New Colorado Facility

Pilatus Aircraft PC-24 in flight
Pilatus PC-24 in flight

Pilatus Aircraft broke ground yesterday on a new manufacturing facility at the Rocky Mountian Metropolitan Airport in Broomfield, Colorado. According to the company, this plant is being built in expectation of growth in their aircraft sales and deliveries. The facility, which will be 118,000 square feet, will serve as Pilatus’ headquarters for completions, sales, and support activity in both the North and South American markets.

Pilatus has previously operated out of the Rocky Mountain airport since 1996, where they’ve completed and delivered more than 1,000 Pilatus PC-12 aircraft. However, they have been operating out of multiple leased facilities at the airport, and this new center will serve to consolidate their operations. The size of the facility is necessary to meet the demands of both an increase in their workforce and handling completion work on the Pilatus PC-24 once they bring it to market. The company expects to add another 60 employees to the 80 already working at the Broomfield location as they move towards full production of the PC-24 by 2020.

Pilatus Aircraft expects to open the new facility in the spring of 2018.

About the PC-24

The highly anticipated PC-24 is described by Pilatus as “the only aircraft combining the versatility of a turboprop with the cabin size of a medium-light jet, and the performance of a light jet.” In fact, Pilatus created a new category of Jet, the SVJ (Super Versatile Jet), for the PC-24, claiming it’s being engineered to be “off-road” compatible from the beginning. It will offer superior short-field performance, (even on unpaved runways), boasting a takeoff distance of 2690 feet (820 m) and a landing distance 2,525 feet (770 m), something unmatched in the world of business class jets according to Pilatus. The PC-24 will be able to cruise at 425 knots, and have a certified altitude ceiling of 45,000 feet. For more information on the PC-24, check out the Pilatus website.

Featured Image: Pilatus Aircraft Ltd – www.pilatus-aircraft.com

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