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Hartzell Brings Back Popular Belt-Driven Plane-Power Alternators

Though the Plane-Power ALT-FLX series was very popular, Hartzell had encountered "component sourcing issues" which they needed to resolve before they could continue to provide new alternators.
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Until the company can offer new ALT-FLX Plane-Power alternators, they will provide factory-rebuilt units.

Hartzell has announced that they’re bringing back their Plane Power ALT-FLX 28V/150 Amp to 14V/100 Amp high output, belt-driven alternators.

Mike Disbrow, Hartzell Engine Technologies (HET) President, said that the popular belt-driven Plane-Power alternators delivered more continuous power at lower engine RPMs than competing alternators. He added “Aircraft owners with high electrical demand during ground operations; such as those with sophisticated avionics suites or electrically-driven air conditioning systems, will appreciate the abundant electrical power they will get at idle with these Plane-Power alternators.

More Details on the ALT-FLX Plane-Power Alternators

Disbrow said that though the Plane-Power ALT-FLX series was very popular, the company had encountered “component sourcing issues” which they needed to resolve before they could continue to provide new alternators. In the meantime, as HET works to bring the new component supplies online, Disbrow said they would be offering factory-rebuilt units. “There will be some internal components that, while not new, will be inspected, tested and certified to meet new standards and they will be covered by the same 24-month warranty we provide on every new Plane-Power alternator.

HET ALT-FLX Plane-Power alternators are coming back.

Photo: courtesy of Hartzell

According to Disbrow, where they previously sold installation-specific equipment such as mounting kits and voltage regulators a la carte, they’ll now be offering a series of installation kits for the specific aircraft / engine applications covered by the company’s FAA STC.  “No matter what type engine the aircraft has or the legacy Chrysler, Delco, Ford or Prestolite alternator or generator that is being replaced, Plane-Power will now have a pre-assembled kit that will greatly reduce the installation time on that engine,” He added that this was part of the company’s ongoing commitment to ensuring customers had the best possible experience with their products.

Featured Image: Nicholas D., CC2

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  • Mitch_cooney says:

    Hartzell are a bunch of crooks. An alternator with less than 150 hours failed, ate a new battery and two voltage regulators and Hartzell denied the warranty. A replacement alternator fixed the problem so it is obvious that the alternator was faulty. The electrical system has operated flawless since the alternator was replaced whereas with the alternator that was replaced the aircraft electric system failed twice.

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