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FAA Actively Seeking To Fill Air Traffic Controller Jobs

An FAA Air Traffic Controller - FAA Actively Seeking To Fill Air Traffic Controller Jobs
An FAA Air Traffic Controller

The FAA has announced that in order to meet future workforce demand, they will be accepting applications from entry-level candidates for air traffic controller jobs from August 8 – 15, 2016.  According to FAA Administrator Michael Huerta, “We provide the safest, most efficient airspace system in the world and we need exceptional people to support our mission.

Details on the Air Traffic Controller Jobs

The job vacancy announcements, for the position of Air Traffic Control Specialist-Trainee, will be posted to the federal government’s official job site. Because of this, those interested in applying will need to establish an account on the site. According to the FAA, this is a highly competitive position. As a result, the FAA estimates they will receive more than 25,000 applications for the approximately 1,400 positions they will offer during the week-long opening. All applicants will need to meet basic qualifications and answer specific questions related to the positions once the listings are posted.

As a new ATCS-trainee, candidates will spend the first several months of employment in an intensive training program at the FAA Academy in Oklahoma City, OK. They will receive a wide variety of training in controlling and separating live air traffic inside designated airspace located at or around an air traffic control tower, radar approach control facility, or air route traffic control center.

The recent FAA Extension, Safety, and Security Act of 2016 will play a role in the new ATCS hiring process. This comes after hotly contested changes to the hiring process in recent years (detailed in articles here, and here). The new legislation now requires applicants who graduated from a CTI (Collegiate Training Initiative) program to submit proof of graduation and an appropriate recommendation from their CTI institution. In addition, eligible veteran applicants are required to submit a Certificate of Release or Discharge from active duty within 120 days from the time the job announcements close. The FAA recommends that applicants obtain and provide this information in a timely manner so they will receive proper consideration for the ATCS positions.

Additional Information on the Air Traffic Controller Career

For anyone interested in learning more about the professions, including a look at the day-to-day work, the FAA also recommends reviewing the information on their site.

Featured Image: FAA / US Department of Transportation

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