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Cirrus Perception Receives FAA Certification

The Cirrus SR22T, Capable of being equipped with the Cirrus Perception platform
Cirrus SR22T in flight

Cirrus Aircraft has announced they’ve received the FAA certification for Cirrus Perception, a new special mission platform developed for the Cirrus SR22 and SR22T models. The new aircraft platform offers performance and capabilities that make it well suited for aerial surveying, mapping, and photography; airborne traffic and law enforcement roles; search and rescue missions; and more. The Minnesota State Patrol has purchased the first Perception equipped aircraft.

According to David Moser, VP of Fleet and Special Mission Sales at Cirrus Aircraft, “Special Mission operators are constantly looking for ways to increase their capabilities while reducing operational costs. Cirrus Perception delivers on both fronts and sets the new global benchmark as the most capable, flexible and cost-effective ISR platform available today.

Details on the Cirrus Perception

The Cirrus Perception platform starts with either the Cirrus SR22 or SR22T as the base, which both come equipped with the Cirrus Perspective avionics suite from Garmin. Operators are then given the chance to customize the aircraft to incorporate a variety of lightweight and compact sensor and user-station options, including multi-spectral imaging systems with ultra long range and electro-optical infrared capabilities. The Cirrus Sensor Mounting System (SMS) can also accommodate a variety of third-party sensor models, and is designed to be modular, reconfigurable and removable. In addition, Cirrus is working with third-party companies who can deliver complete equipment and payload integration service for the Perception platform.

Cirrus Perception is revolutionary in the special mission market,” continued Moser. “Our customers in military, law enforcement, surveillance, search and rescue, land surveyance and more can look forward to the adaptable nature of the Perception. We are excited to see this new platform utilized across a variety of industries.”

With the FAA certification now in hand, Cirrus is now able to fulfill orders for the Cirrus Perception platform. They’re currently showcasing the platform at the Airborne Law Enforcement Association (ALEA) Expo taking place in Savannah, Georgia.

Featured Image: Cirrus Aircraft

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