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Changing Your Own Aircraft Tires

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Changing your own aircraft tires

In this video series, we will walk you through the process of changing your own aircraft tires. Now to be clear, though I, Bryan Stewart, am a licensed pilot, I am not the source of this information. In this case, I am the video guy who points a camera at Jim Hoddenbach.  Jim is an A&P mechanic with IA certification and the owner/operator of Aero Aviation Services at KBTF Skypark.  He has 30 years experience working on all kinds of aircraft, from the Cessna 172 to the Cessna 421, Piper Cubs and Cherokees, and more!  Jim performs many tasks, from things that are more simple, to complete annual and 100 hour inspections, and complex work such as aircraft engine overhauls.

In other words, this is good information. And we believe that you can use it to help guide you through the process of changing your own tires. It is our hope at the Disciples of Flight that by providing these tutorials, we will empower the confidence of the Aircraft Owner who is interested in saving money, and working on their own equipment when appropriate. There is a comment box below in case you have questions (others will likely have the same ones so it’s good to ask there) and Jim will come around and answer them.


Again, we hope you have enjoyed this series on “How to change your own aircraft tires” and that the information that was provided was helpful to you. If you have a suggestion on a topic that you would like to see a video tutorial series on, please let us know.  We’re always interested in hearing about what our readers want!  And we’d love to be able to provide our readers with the information they’re looking for and interested in!

Resources for parts and tires: //www.aircraftspruce.com/menus/lg/tirestubes.html


  • Ethan says:

    I just wanted to write and say “thanks” for posting this. I used the instructions in these videos to change out the tire on my (experimental) aircraft a couple weeks ago and the procedure detailed here worked perfectly. The only “trick” was that it was very hard to get the nut to engage the threads when pulling the two wheel halves together before the tire bead had seated, so I temporarily used some longer bolts to get it started, then switched back to the proper bolts one at a time.

    I really appreciate you putting in the effort to put these out for the aviation community.


  • Bill Custer says:

    Thank you! That was very confidence instilling. I appreciated the technique of packing the bearings. I didn’t realize they should be completely cleaned, inspected, then repacked. I was also curious about balancing, which wasn’t mentioned as a step. Thank you!

  • Amy Winters says:

    I’m glad you pointed out that aircraft owners can save money by knowing when it’s appropriate to work with their own equipment. My brother recently got his pilot’s license and is thinking about getting a personal aircraft, so I’ll definitely share these tips with him. It seems crazy that you can jack up and airplane and change the tires yourself, so I’m glad you shared this guide that walks you through the process!

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