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Jim Hoddenbach has channeled his dual passion for aviation and photography into two successful businesses and a lifetime of amazing memories. As an A&P IA Mechanic with 30 years of experience, Jim has provided decades of dependable, professional, and quality work through Aero Services to his fellow aviators at the Skypark Airport. Jim also founded Canyon Air Photo with fellow pilot and friend Steve Durtschi, providing their keen eye and amazing aerial photography skills for hire. Jim's excellent photography is often on display along with his engaging articles. A Certified Flight Instructor, Multi Engine Instructor, fixed wing and rotorcraft pilot, and husband and father, Jim never stops working to improve his life, and the lives of those around him. Jim is a true Disciple of Flight.

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The Ornithopter and Us

The Ornithopter and Us Man has always dreamed of flying.  And stretching far back into our earliest recorded history, we can see references to attempts at …

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Wings of Freedom Tour

Wings of Freedom Tour Great news for aviation enthusiasts in Florida!  This January, Sebring will get to enjoy The Collings Foundation Wings of Freedom …

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