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Aspen Avionics Discounting VFR PFD During April

Aspen Avionic's VFR PFD
Aspen Avionic's VFR PFD

Aspen’s VFR PFD is NextGen-capable, displaying ADS-B traffic NEXRAD weather.

At the recently concluded 2017 Sun ‘n Fun Fly-In, Aspen Avionics announced that during the month of April, they would be offering their FAA-TSO and STC certified VFR primary flight display (PFD) for $3,995, a $1,000 discount from the list price.

More Details on the Aspen Avionics VFR Primary Flight Display

The VFR Primary Flight Display offers pilots a variety of features, including:

  • An integrated air data computer and attitude heading reference system
  • Slaved direction gyro
  • Course deviation needle
  • Consolidates the traditional six-pack instrument information plus CDI into a single display
  • Displays winds aloft, OAT, TAS and ground speed
  • The ability to display ADS-B weather and traffic
  • A built-in battery and emergency GPS
  • Flight plan overlay with plan legs and waypoints, curved flight paths and nearby navaids
  • A unique PFD design that slides into existing panel cutouts

The VFR PFD also offers additional options, such as:

  • An analog converter unit (ACU) which integrates with autopilot for GPS steering.
  • An Evolution Hazard Awareness System (EHA), which provides information on weather, lightning and traffic hazards.
  • Angle of Attack (AoA)
Aspen Avionic's VFR PFD
Aspen Avionics VFR PFD

Because Aspen developed the VFR PFD with “expandable and flexible architecture” according to FAA TSO (technical standard order) standards, the company is saying that it can be upgraded to a full IFR Pro 1000 or Pro Plus PFD in the future, as the pilot/aircraft owner’s needs and skills expand. The upgrade to IFR safety enhancing functionality (Aspen notes “the VFR PFD is IFR capable with limitations“) is possible through a software upgrade, removing the need for future cockpit overhauls.

Aspen says that their VFR PFD is also NextGen-capable, displaying ADS-B traffic NEXRAD weather. In addition, the company says that when coupled with a variety of available ADS-B solutions from providers like Garmin, L-3, FreeFlight Systems, and even Aspen’s ADS-B transceivers, the price is similar to non-certified, non-NextGen capable PFDs.

Mark Ferrari, Aspen Avionics VP of Sales and Customer Support says that Aspen has been and remains committed to developing general aviation solutions that are affordable, in addition to being innovative and safe, in order to help grow the future pilot community. “We continue to invest in this segment of the flying public that has been underserved, with an affordable glass panel solution that offers more value, features, and functions than displays manufactured to the recently loosened certification standards.” More information on the VFR PFD can be found on Aspen Avionics website.

Featured Images: courtesy of Aspen Avionics

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