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Textron Aviation Launches 1View, New Technical Publications Platform

Textron Aviation services photo - New Textron Aviation's 1View Technical Publications Platform Launches

Textron Aviation’s 1View is offered with both web-based access or as an offline application.

Textron Aviation has announced the launch of their new technical publications platform called 1View, where Beechcraft, Cessna, and Hawker customers will have access all maintenance manuals, flight documents, and service information for their aircraft.

Kriya Shortt, Textron Aviation’s Senior Vice President of Customer Service said that the platform, which provides a simple, easy-to-use method for aircraft owners and operators to access all the documentation, was developed using input from their customers. She added that “We have already introduced the platform to several customers and their feedback has been extremely positive. We continue to explore solutions to make support more accessible to our customers, and 1View is the latest example of that mission.

More Details on Textron Aviation’s 1View

According to the company, the all-in-one system combines the best pieces of functionality of their previous Cesview and Interactive Maintenance Libraries (IML), while keeping accessibility and ease of use in mind. The 1View platform includes features such as:

  • A single sign-on
  • The ability for users to add annotations
  • Enhanced search features
  • History tracking
  • Bookmarking
  • Integration with e-commerce, allowing users to generate part order lists
  • Parts information is available for all the brands in a number of different ways, including downloadable parts lists, parts substitution lists, and a PDF version of the parts catalog, all at no charge.
  • An extensive, searchable Service Information library that will provide the latest aircraft information, also available at no charge.

Textron offers both a web-based version and a downloadable offline version (for Windows and Mac) of 1View. The company says that the web-based viewer also includes “flight information alongside the maintenance and parts documents for ease of use.” Finally, if a user finds a change in a manual, they can submit a “Publications Change Request” for any brand or model.

Customers can access the 1View page, where they can log into the web-based viewer or download the offline application, by clicking here.

Featured Image: courtesy of Textron Aviation

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