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Sonex Adds New Features to Xenos B-Model Motorglider

Sonex Xenos B-model Aircraft Kit cockpit
Sonex Xenos B-model Aircraft Kit cockpit

Sonex expects shipments of Xenos B-Model kits to start in March 2017.

Sonex Aircraft recently announced a new Xenos B-model aircraft kit, which combines the enhancements to the company’s Sonex and Waiex B-Models with the motorglider performance and value of the Xenos model.

In a written statement, Sonex Aircraft’s General Manager Mark Schaible said the company was thrilled to be bringing the improvements to the Xenos B-Model, adding that “This change has been requested by many prospective Xenos Motorglider customers and brings all of our two-place aircraft up to the same enhanced B-Model specification.

Enhancements to the Xenos B-Model

According to the company, though the B-Model is larger in size, it’s actually lighter due to modifications in key areas, all without sacrificing any structural integrity. In addition, the takeoff, climb, cruise, stall, and landing performance specs are the same between the original generation and B-Model Xenos aircraft. Here are some of the improvements the B-model provides:

  • The B-Models have been enlarged through straightening of the forward fuselage sides, and offer the following comfort enhancements:
    • More width and comfort provided for the shoulders, hips, knees and feet
    • The seat back is moved aft and can accommodate taller individuals. Staggered seating is available through upholstery seat back cushions.
    • A center ‘Y-Stick’ provides dual controls with easier entry into the cockpit and more room.
  • The B-Model offers a larger instrument panel with plenty of space to accommodate a variety of popular dual screen avionics displays.
  • A new Universal Cowl will allow for additional engine options, which offer enhanced performance. According to the company, in addition to “the same great firewall-forward support for AeroVee/AeroVee Turbo and Jabiru engines,” Xenos B-Model kits now have available engine mounts for “UL Power and Rotax 912-series engines.
  • New B-Model fuel tanks hold 20 gallons, an increase of 4 gallons over the original Xenos model.
  • The new Xenos B-Model kits come with a number of improvements aimed at aiding builders in completing their aircraft in the shortest possible time:
    • Machined Angle Components are included
    • AeroBrake Hydraulic Brakes are included
    • Dual Throttle Quadrants are included
    • AeroConversions Trim System is included
    • ABS Molded Cockpit Side Panels, Cable and Pushrod Fairings are included
    • The new precision molded cowling is able to be installed quickly and easily
    • The engine mount is able to be bolted to the airframe quickly and accurately
    • In order to reduce fabrication time and ease construction, there are more laser-cut, formed and machined parts.
    • Inclusion of Machined Canopy Bows for an easier canopy installation and perfect fit.
  • The B-Model comes standard with utility wing tips that can be easily removed in order to fit the aircraft inside a 40-foot hangar. They can also be quickly and easily interchanged with optional aerobatic wingtips.

According to Sonex, the Xenos can “either be flown as a Sport Pilot/LSA, or it can be flown by pilots that hold a glider rating with a self-launch glider endorsement.

The company says that Xenos B-Model kits are available for order now, with a base price fo $27,495 for the complete airframe kit. The company estimates that kit shipments will start in March 2017. For more information, and to order a B-Model kit, you can visit the Sonex website.

Sonex Xenos B-model Aircraft Kit
Image courtesy of Sonex Aircraft.

Current Xenos B-Model Specs


19′ 9″
Wing Span (Utility):
45′ 8″
Wing Span (Aerobatic, solo):
39′ 4″
Wing Area (Utility):
158 sq ft
Wing Area (Aerobatic, solo):
144 sq ft
Tail Configuration:
Tail Height: 59″
Tail Width–with tail tips:
(interior width required for enclosed trailer)
Main Gear Width: 71″ (with wheel pants)
Primary Structure:
6061 Aluminum
Cockpit Width (entire cockpit!):
Fuel Capacity:
20 US Gal
Stall Speed (clean):
44 mph [71 km/h]
Maneuvering Speed:
115 mph [185 km/h]
Never Exceed Speed (Vne):
150 mph [241 km/h]


Performance  AeroVee 80hp Jabiru 120hp

Empty Weight

750 lbs 760 lbs
Baggage (Max) 40 lbs 40 lbs
Range 500 miles 437 miles
Cruise Speed @ Sea Level* 100 mph 120 mph
Cruise Speed @ 8000 ft (TAS) 120 mph 140 mph
Power Loading (GW/HP) 15.938 10.625
T.O. Distance 300 ft 250 ft
Landing Distance 300 ft 300 ft
Service Ceiling (Calculated) 29,000 ft 34,000 ft
Utility Category AeroVee 80hp Jabiru 120hp
Gross Weight 1275 lbs 1275 lbs
Useful Load 525 lbs 515 lbs
Rate of Climb 800-1000 fpm 1200-1400 fpm
Positive Load Factor +4.4 Gs +4.4 Gs
Negative Load Factor -2.2 Gs -2.2 Gs
L/D 24:1 24:1
CG Limits 25-36% Wing Chord 25-36% Wing Chord
Aerobatic Category AeroVee 80hp Jabiru 120hp
Gross Weight – Aerobatic 1050 lbs 1050 lbs
Rate of Climb 1000-1250 fpm 2000+ fpm
Positive Load Factor +6.0 Gs +6.0 Gs
Negative Load Factor -3.0 Gs -3.0 Gs
CG Limits 25-32% Wing Chord 25-32% Wing Chord

Featured Image: Xenos B-Model Cockpit, courtesy of Sonex Aircraft

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