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Acclaim and Ovation Ultras FAA Certified, Deliveries to Start Soon

Mooney Acclaim Ultra in flight - Mooney Acclaim and Ovation Ultras FAA Certified

Mooney Expects to Build 50 of the Ultras During 2017

Mooney International has received FAA certification for the Ultra versions of their Acclaim and Ovation models, the M20V Acclaim Ultra and M20U Ovation Ultra. Both of the aircraft models feature a variety of improvements and new features and the company plans to start deliveries of the new Ultras right away. If you’re interested in scoring an Acclaim or Ovation Ultra, however, Mooney is saying that they’re only planning to build 50 units in 2017 and that the order book is starting to fill up.

Sun ‘n Fun, which starts tomorrow and runs through the 9th, will see the public unveiling of the first fully certified Acclaim Ultra.

New Features for the Acclaim and Ovation Ultras

Here are some of the improvements the new Acclaim and Ovation Ultras will be showing off:

  • Pilot Side Door: For the first time in Mooney’s history, they’re introducing two doors. And just to make things that much more convenient for pilots and passengers, they’ve also widened the doors on both sides by more than four inches.
  • Composite Canopy: Mooney has wrapped the tubular cabin roll cage in an integrated, composite skin which not only “reinforces the Ultra’s sleek aerodynamic lines,” it also provides for a quieter interior during flight.
  • Newly Designed Interior: The interior has undergone some nice improvements as well, including more ergonomic design and hand-stitched Italian leather. They’ve also added some nice integrated technology features, including conveniently placed USB outlets and a center console with keypad, cabin environment slide controls, and lighting.
  • All New Avionics: Mooney’s also outfitted both Ultras with Garmin G1000 NXi avionics, which describes as “a user-friendly, contemporary interface that enhances the flight experience and helps reduce pilot workload.

According to Dr. Vivek Saxena, President and CEO of Mooney International, the new Ultra models have been designed specifically to raise the bar for general aviation aircraft. “The significant product enhancements inherent in these new airplanes, combined with latest avionics technologies, demonstrate Mooney’s goal of bringing to market the very latest generation high-performance piston- singles – which is in keeping with our promise of differentiating ourselves on technology and customer experience rather than simply ‘me too’ products.

And if speed is your game, they’re right on target. AOPA is saying1 that with a 242 knot top speed, the Acclaim Ultra is the current fastest single-engine production piston aircraft, just edging out the Cessna TTx, which has a published max cruise speed of 235 knots.

Mooney M20: More Speed, Less Fuel

A Mooney M20 in flightMooney aficionados tend to come from that portion of the pilot population that values speed over nearly all else. A friend of mine (who also drove a Dodge Viper for a while) bought an Ovation so he could get to the Sun Valley ski slopes as quickly as possible from his base in Los Angeles. But these newer Mooneys cost a bundle so let’s focus on some classic Mooneys that still deliver good speed without stripping your wallet. [Click to read more…]

M20V Acclaim Ultra and M20U Ovation Ultra Specs2


Model M20V Acclaim M20U Ovation
Length 26 feet 8 inches (8.13 m)  26 feet 8 inches (8.13 m)
Width 36 feet 12 inches (11.12 m)  36 feet 12 inches (11.12 m)
Height 8 feet 4 inches (2.54 m)  8 feet 4 inches (2.54 m)

General Specs

Model M20V Acclaim M20U Ovation
Seats 4  4
Landing Gear Retractable  Retractable
Avionics G1000 NXi / GFC 700  G1000 NXi / GFC 700
 Fuel Type  100 LL (ASTM D 910)   100 LL (ASTM D 910)
 Standard Fuel  89 usg (336.9 L)  89 usg (336.9 L)
 Long Range Fuel  100 usg (378.54 L)  100 usg (378.54 L)

Perfomance Specs

 Model  M20V Acclaim M20U Ovation
Take-off distance (isa, sl, mtow, 50 ft obstacle) 2,100 feet (640.1 m)  1,600 ft (487.68 m)
Landing distance (isa, sl, mlw, 50 ft obstacle) 2,650 feet (807.72 m)  2,500 ft (762 m)
Maximum Rate of Climb 1,375 fpm  1,300 fpm
Service Ceiling 25,000 feet (7620 m)  20,000 ft (6096 m)
Maximum Cruising Speed 242 ktas  197 ktas
 – Range, Standard Fuel (89 gal) 700 nmA1 (805.5 mi, 1296.4 km)  900 nmO1 (1035.7 mi, 1666.8 km)
 – Range, Long Range Fuel (100 gal) 830 nmA1 (955.14 m, 1537.16 km)  1,080 nmO1 (1242.84 mi , 2000 km)
Long Range Cruising Speed 175 ktas  170 ktas
 – Range – Standard Fuel (89 gal) 1,100 nmA2 (1265.85 mi, 2037.2 km)  1,240 nmO2 (1427 mi , 2296.5 km)
 – Range – Long Range Fuel (100 gal) 1,275 nmA2 (1467.24 mi, 2361.3 km)  1,450 nmO2 (1668.63 mi, 2685.4 km)

A1 – 45 min reserve, isa, no wind, 25,000 ft

A2 – 45 min reserve, isa, no wind, 16,000 ft

O1 – 45 min reserve, isa, no wind, 8,000 ft

O2 – 45 min reserve, isa, no wind, at gross weight unless noted


Model M20V Acclaim M20U Ovation
Engine Continental TSIO-550-G  Continental IO-550-G
Horsepower 280 hp – Intercooled Twin-Turbo  310 HP
Engine TBO 2,200 hours  2,200 hours
Propeller Hartzell Scimitar Three-Blade  Hartzell Scimitar Three-Blade


Model M20V Acclaim M20U Ovation
Typical Useful Load 1,000 lbs (453.59 kg)  1,130 lbs (512.56 kg)
Maximum Ramp Weight 3,380 lbs (1533.14 kg)  3,380 lbs (1533.14 kg)
Maximum Take-Off Weight 3,368 lbs (1527.7 kg)  3,368 lbs (1527.7 kg)

Featured Image: courtesy of Mooney International

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