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CubCrafters Unveils Their XCub

CubCrafters new aircraft, the XCub
CubCrafters latest aircraft, the XCub

The XCub Represents New Heights For CubCrafters

CubCrafters has revealed their brand new top-of-the-line aircraft, the XCub, which was FAA certified on June 2nd, 2016, and is currently available to pilots.

Jim Richmond, CubCrafters’ CEO, had this to say, “Six years ago I imagined a Part 23 certified Carbon Cub. Our development team set out to design a Cub with terrific STOL capabilities, like our Carbon Cub LSA, but one that could travel faster and farther while easily accommodating all of the gear that a pilot and passenger might want to carry for an extended journey. Now, after receiving Type Certification from FAA, I’m proud to say that XCub is much, much more than I had even hoped it would be.

The XCub, powered by a 180 HP Lycoming O-360 engine and equipped with a Hartzell Trailblazer constant-speed composite propeller, has a cruise speed of over 145 miles per hour at 75% power and has a useful load of up to 1,084 pounds.

Early on, when the first new airframe was produced, we discovered that our understanding of the Cub’s aerodynamics was incomplete,” said Richmond. “They fly nicely at 100 miles per hour, but at 140, everything changes!

So the company spent two years analyzing how to increase the performance of the XCub at both the low and high ends of the speed envelope, closely examining the aerodynamics of the airframe and all the flight surfaces. Over this period, they were able to greatly smooth airflow over the airframe, develop all new flight controls, re-engineer and improve the ailerons and aileron response, and build a refined tail assembly that features a composite dorsal fin.


As we flew at higher and higher speeds, we discovered that the dorsal provides welcome directional stability,” says CubCrafters’ Director of Engineering and Product Development, Patrick Horgan. “Cross-country pilots will appreciate the stable response to turbulence as well.

New design technologies and extensive use of ultra-lightweight carbon composites, aluminum, and titanium mean that the XCub is not only light but also strong.

XCub is not just a new airplane, it is a new platform upon which we can build different configurations to fulfill different missions,” says CubCrafters President Randy Lervold. As an example, he pointed out the options available for the landing gear. “Owners may choose legacy gear to achieve the lightest possible weight or spring gear that provides better aerodynamics and speed.

CubCrafter is offering an exclusive Launch Edition for their first 20 XCubs, which includes special introductory pricing, and a unique Launch Edition paint scheme, branding, and an Ahtanum leather interior package all at no extra cost.

For more information on the XCub, head over to the official website.

Featured Image: CubCrafters

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