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Viking Buying Bombardier’s Water Bombers

Viking Air will be taking on all responsibility for product support, parts, and services for existing aircraft.
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Aircraft manufacturer Bombardier has reached a deal to sell their amphibious water bombers to Viking Air. The sale will include all the Type Certificates (or manufacturing rights) for both the 415 Superscooper and earlier models, the CL-215 and CL-215T

In addition, Viking Air will be taking on all responsibility for product support, parts, and services for existing aircraft.  This includes a fleet of some 170 water bombers currently in use in 11 countries internationally. Viking will be providing support the worldwide fleet from a newly acquired a repurposed 50,000 square foot facility in Calgary, Canada.

David Curtis, the President and CEO of Viking, had this to say, “This acquisition expands Viking’s capabilities in product support and parts into another vital niche aviation segment, and ensures that a unique and important Canadian innovation stays in Canada. We are proud to add another iconic Canadian aircraft program to Viking’s stable – our aim is to take the 415 to its highest potential and keep these aircraft in service for decades to come.” He added, “At the same time, we will continue to rely on an extensive supply chain in Quebec and Ontario to support both the amphibious aircraft and Twin Otter programs.

The Bombardier 415 Water Bombers

Originally developed in the 1960s, the Bombardier 415 has a strong reputation worldwide. Known as the Superscooper, it can scoop up its roughly 1,600-gallon load in 12 seconds, while skimming over the water at high speeds. According to Viking, with proper support and maintenance, they can stay in service for decades.

Viking and Bombardier’s History

This deal between the two companies represents a continuing relationship, which started with spare parts manufacturing Beaver and Otter aircraft. Eventually, in 2006, Viking acquired the Type Certificates for the Twin Otter and all other out of production de Havilland aircraft from Bombardier.

Viking’s acquisition of the water bombers from Bombardier is still awaiting the standard regulatory approval by Transport Canada and the Competition Bureau.

Featured Image: Bombardier

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