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Piper M600 Receives FAA Type Certification

Piper M600 Turboprop taking off with runway below
Piper M600 Turboprop

The Piper M600 Completed Extensive Testing With the FAA

The Piper M600 turboprop has finally received its FAA type certification, according to an announcement from Piper Aircraft. The certificate was presented this past weekend to Piper Aircraft President and CEO, Simon Caldecott. “We are delighted to announce the certification of the M600 by the FAA,” said Caldecott. “With unique and innovative safety features for the single-engine turboprop segment, the competitiveness of the M600 is further enhanced by the aircraft’s performance and industry-leading operating and acquisition costs.

Piper Aircraft’s Chief Operating Officer James Funk added that “This achievement of type certification for the M600 was the result of the collaborative effort between the FAA and the team at Piper Aircraft,” and that he was excited to finally be bringing the plane to market.

The M600’s performance, safety, functionality, and reliability were thoroughly tested and examined by Piper Aircraft and the FAA, in a series of flight tests conducted with three different aircraft that accumulated a total of more than 1850 hours of flight time. The M600’s performance exceeded expectations, and the maximum range has been increased to 1,484 nm (originally expected to be around 1,200 nautical miles) with NBAA IFR reserves. In addition, the M600’s expected maximum cruise speed of 260 ktas (299 mph / 481 kph) was increased to 274 ktas (315 mph / 507 kph). The Piper M600 also features a Vmo speed of 250 kcas ( 288 mph / 463 kmh) and has a max payload of 1,120 pounds (508 kg).

The Piper M600 turboprop will feature six seats, a 600-horsepower Pratt & Whitney PT6A-42A turboprop engine, dual Garmin touchscreen controllers and G3000 avionics suite, Emergency Descent Mode, Electronic Stability Protection, Level Mode and Underspeed/Overspeed Protection, and more.

We continue to be impressed with the exceptional performance of the M600 and expect that the benefits will expand the capabilities and market reach of the aircraft. The overall superior value proposition within the single-engine turboprop market segment sets the M600 apart from the competition,” said Drew McEwen, Piper Aircraft’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

Featured Image: Piper Aircraft

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