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New Aviation Insurance Guidebook Released

Cover Image for Aviation Insurance Book
Cover Image for Aviation Insurance Book

The Book Is Aimed At Helping Pilots Navigate Aviation Insurance

If you are interested in buying a new or used aircraft, or if you are already an owner of one, you should definitely consider taking a look at this recently released aviation insurance guide. Written by Tim Bonnel Jr., “Aircraft Insurance Fundamentals: A Concise Guide For Aircraft Owners and Operators” is aimed at helping private pilots navigate the complexities of obtaining and understanding insurance policies.

According to book’s summary, “Readers will learn why aircraft insurance is unique from other areas of insurance, why rates change, how to read an aircraft insurance policy, and how an aircraft insurance underwriter determines your premium. By reading this book you will learn how to discover what is, and what isn’t covered on an aircraft insurance policy.”

Book cover for Aircraft Insurance Fundamentals: A Concise Guide For Aircraft Owners and OperatorsWhen it comes to discussing this complex topic, Tim Bonnel definitely has the credentials. he’s a third-generation private pilot with an instrument rating, a second-generation aviation insurance broker, has served on the boards of directors for the Aviation Insurance Association. He was literally raised in the aviation insurance industry and he used that opportunity to learn it from wingtip to wingtip, inside and out.

When asked what his inspiration was for writing the book, Bonnel said that “aviation insurance can be quite complex, and there aren’t very good resources out there for consumers wanting to learn more about their insurance policies. This book was written to give aircraft insurance buyers as much pertinent information about aircraft insurance in as concise a manner as possible.

If you are interested in picking up a copy of the book, you can grab one over at the DOF pilot shop. The book is currently available as a paperback and has also been released digitally as an e-book.

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