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Hartzell Offers $150 Credit For Upgrading Legacy Cessna, Piper Alternators

Piper Archer in flight
Piper Archer in flight

The $150 trade-in credit promotion for upgrading to Plane-Power alternators started November 01, 2016 and will run through March 31, 2017.

Hartzell Engine Technologies (HET) has announced that they’re offering Cessna and Piper aircraft owners a $150 trade-in credit towards a new-generation Plane-Power alternator when upgrading from legacy Chrysler and Ford alternators.

According to Mike Disbrow, HET’s President, Ford alternators were used exclusively for single-engine Cessna aircraft in the 1970s and early 1980s, while Piper installed Chrysler alternators on their single engine aircraft during the same period. He added “The simple fact is these legacy automotive units were designed and manufactured over 30-years ago. Instead of spending their money overhauling these antiquated alternators, owners can update to a new-generation FAA-PMA approved Plane-Power alternator that offers a number of advantages – including a $150 reward.

More Details on the Plane-Power Alternator Upgrade

Disbrow says that among the technological and performance advantages, the new Plane-Power alternators offered for Cessna and Piper aircraft are smaller and lighter, using dual fans and a “longer-life brush design“, so that the alternators run cooler and last longer than any overhauled legacy alternator would. In addition to the improved performance, “the new Plane-Power alternators come with a full, two-year factory warranty. Overhauled units come with one-year coverage at best and it’s often less than that.

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In order to qualify for the $150 trade-in credit, aircraft owners will need to purchase the appropriate Plane-Power alternator conversion kit from an HET distributor, and fill out and submit the online form located here. In addition, owners will also need to “send a copy of the new invoice and their Chrysler or Ford alternator core to Hartzell Engine Technologies.

Hartzell Plane-Power alternator credit program
Image: courtesy of HET

In order to help identify the appropriate kit, Hartzell provided this information:

  • Aircraft / Electrical System: Piper 12V / 60A
    • Buy this Plane-Power Kit: AL12-C60
    • Trade-in one of these alternators:
      • Chrysler 4111810, 2642997, 3656224
      • Piper 69670-00, 69670-03, 69670-04, 99945-3, 99945-4
  • Aircraft / Electrical System: Cessna 12V / 60A
    • Buy One of These Plane-Power Kits: 
      • AL12-F60 (w. Lycoming engines)
      • AL12-F60C (w. Continental engines)
    • Trade-in one of these alternators:
      • Ford DOFF10300J, Cessna C611501-0101, C611501-0102, 0750217-1, 1570213-6
  • Aircraft / Electrical System: Cessna 24V / 60A
    • Buy One of These Plane-Power Kits:
      • AL24-F60 (w. Lycoming engines)
      • AL24-F60C (w. Continental engines)
    • Trade-in one of these alternators:
      • Ford DOFF10300B
      • Cessna C611503-0102, C611503-0202, 1570213-7

Hartzell started the promotion on November 01, 2016, and intends to run it through March 31, 2017.

Featured Image: D. Miller, CC2

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