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FAA Opens Up Additional Jobs For Experienced Air Traffic Controllers

Military air traffic controllers - FAA Opens Up More Jobs to Air Traffic Controllers with Experience
Military air traffic controllers

Recently, the FAA went through a hiring period where they opened up jobs to new air traffic controllers with no previous experience. Now, they have a launched a new hiring initiative, focused on candidates with prior ATC experience. This includes eligible military air traffic controllers and others who hold an air traffic controller certification.

Additional Details on the Jobs for Experienced Air Traffic Controllers

The new round of jobs will be open to applications through Tuesday, September 20th. To be considered for the job, applicants must meet at least the follow basic requirements:

  • Have United States citizenship
  • Be 35 years old or younger
  • Need to have maintained at least 52 consecutive weeks of air traffic control experience. During that time, the work needs to have involved full-time active separation of traffic. In addition:
    • The experience must have come after receipt of an ATC certification or facility rating, and have occurred within five years of the time of application. The experience needs to have come while serving at either
      • An FAA air traffic control facility
      • A civilian or military ATC facility under the Department of Defense
      • A Tower operating under contract with the FAA, according to section 47124.
  • Applicants need to be willing to work at any FAA air traffic control facility in the US.

Current military members in active service who are interesting in applying will need to provide documentation from their branch of service that certifies they are expected to be discharged or released, under honorable conditions, no more than 120 days after the date the documentation is signed.

In addition, the FAA states that applicants who are a “prior Academy and/or field training failure may not be considered,” and that depending on the details of the applicant’s previous ATC experience, additional qualifications may be required.

For full details, and to view the available jobs, you can visit the listing on the USA Jobs website.

Featured Image: Alfred Cunningham, CC2

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