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Aircraft of the Week – Flying a Cessna 182 STOL Kit

Cessna aircraft are known for their solid, proven air frames, and the 182 is no exception.
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Flying a Cessna 182 STOL Kit

So…. I moved into a new apartment this week, and I don’t have an internet connection yet. But, I wanted to highlight an airplane really quick before the day ends.  It’ll be short… But I’ll make it as sweet as I can.  The Airplane of the Week this week is the Cessna 182 Skylane, in particular, one with the Cessna 182 STOL kit.

Cessna 182 STOL kit
The Cessna 182 Skylane is an extremely popular aircraft and is widely known all over the world.  It’s known for its ruggedness and versatility as well as its cross country capability and large  comfortable cabin.  The Skylane was introduced in 1956 and is still in production today.  It is the second most popular Cessna (after the 172…) and has truly been tried and tested.
Cessna 182 STOL kit
Most (if not all) Cessna aircraft are known as solid, proven airframes.  The 182 is no exception.  As you may have noticed from my previous article about the Cessna 185, my dad and I enjoy backcountry flying.  We may be of the mindset that the 185 is the best plane out there, but I’m always surprised at how many 182s are popping in and out of many of the same dirt strips we are.  The reason for this (as I stated before) is that the machine has been around for almost 60 years and has continuously been upgraded and optimized for any task it may confront.
The Skylane is generally equipped with a 230 hp engine which gives it about a 145-knot cruise.  The 182 has seen many variants in its lifetime including a retractable gear model, a turbocharged model, and most recently, a diesel engine model.  Cessna has been an instrumental in the efforts to find a replacement for 100LL and the 182 has been the test subject.
Cessna 182 STOL kit
My experience in the Skylane has been a little bit unique.  I haven’t ever had the opportunity to fly a standard 182… I have, however, had the awesome chance to fly a Katmai.  The Katmai is an aftermarket modification that increases the aircraft’s STOL (short take-off and landing) capabilities. With added horsepower (260 hp and about 300 hp with the King Katmai), the Katmai is an awesome machine.  Also included with the mod is an STOL kit (which changes the leading edge of the wing resulting in more lift) and a high-lift canard (a small funny looking “wing” on the nose adding stability and lift at slower speeds).  Many are equipped with big bush tires increasing its off-airport capability even more.
Cessna 182 STOL kit
I have always loved the Cessna 182 Skylane as it represents General Aviation in a very timeless and classic way.  I have seen and recognized them as one of the best out there and can’t wait to gain more experience flying them!
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