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Diamond DA62 Will Be On Display at AOPA Fly-In

The Diamond DA62 in flight
Diamond DA62 in flight

The Diamond DA62 Just Recently Received Its FAA Certification

The Diamond Aircraft DA62, which recently received its FAA certification in February, will be on display during the upcoming AOPA Fly-In in Beaufort, North Carolina, on May 20 and 21. Alongside the Diamond DA62, those attending the fly-in will also be able to see the Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey, the Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk, and the DC-3 Clipper Tabitha May.

The Diamond DA62 will be on display as a part of DiamondShare’s aircraft access program, and the fly-in marks the beginning of a demo tour along the East Coast. For those interested, demo flights can be scheduled through LifeStyle Aviation.

Tom Horne, AOPA’s Editor at Large, stated that the Diamond DA62 aircraft is “quite a step up from the DA42 twins,” continuing that it “is bigger, more powerful, has gull-wing entry doors, and its 180-horsepower Austro engines give it cruise speeds of 192 knots at 14,000 feet on only 17 gallons of Jet A per hour—total, that’s just 8 gallons per hour per engine.

Chris Eads, AOPA director of outreach and events, said the fly-in will have something for everyone. “From the newest FAA-certified aircraft to classic warbirds, the aircraft display at our Beaufort Fly-In has it all. If you love all things aviation, civilian and military, you won’t want to miss the mix of aircraft we have lined up for you.

If you are a pilot and plan to attend the fly-in, you can sign up online to volunteer and help AOPA with the event, including parking some of the display aircraft and other aircraft that will be arriving and departing during the fly-in. Those who volunteer will be treated to a free lunch, and also be given a T-shirt and cap as a thank you.

In any case, attending this event and taking in the Diamond DA62 and other aircraft on display definitely sounds like a great time.

Featured Image: DiamondShare

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