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CubCrafters Offering Retrofit Parachute Installs for Carbon Cub, Sport Cub

CubCrafters Carbon Cub SS in flight - CubCrafters announces new retrofit airframe parachute systems for select aircraft models
CubCrafters Carbon Cub SS in flight

The airframe parachute systems are available for select CubCrafters LSA, Kit, and Builder Assist Aircraft.

Back in May 2016, CubCrafters introduced airframe parachute systems into new production models of their Carbon Cubs. Now, they’re announcing that retrofit airframe parachute systems, developed in partnership with BRS aerospace, are available for select CubCrafters aircraft, including the Carbon Cub and Sport Cub. The retrofit parachutes can be installed at CubCrafters, or at select Authorized Service Centers.

According to CubCrafters’ President Randy Lervold, “The addition of BRS systems to our fleet not only provides a proven life-saving technology, but also additional peace of mind for Carbon Cub pilots and passengers.

Additional Details on the Carbon Cub and Sport Cub Airframe Parachute System

The new BRS airframe parachute system is available for the following CubCrafters aircraft models:

  • Sport Cub
  • Carbon Cub SS
  • Carbon Cub FX Builder Assist
  • EX / EX-2 Kits

Two retrofit options are available, depending on the aircraft model:

  • LSA Sport Cub and Carbon Cub SS production models
    • For gross weight up to 1,320 lbs. or 1,430 lbs. on floats.
    • This version of the parachute system weighs 41.4 lbs.
    • This version of the parachute retrofit is being offered at the price of $15,990 installed.
  • Carbon Cub EX, EX-2 and FX experimental aircraft models
    • For gross weight up to 1,865 lbs.
    • This version of the parachute system weighs 43.5 lbs.
    • This version of the parachute retrofit is being offered at the price of $11,990 as a kit, or $15,990 installed.
Image: courtesy of CubCrafters

The new BRS airframe parachute systems can be installed at CubCrafters Services in Yakima, WA, or at one of six select Authorized Service Centers across the US.

  • CubCrafters Services
    • 1918 South 16th Ave, Yakima, WA 98903
    • Phone: (509) 248-9491
  • Mather Aviation – Authorized Service Center
    • Hayward Executive Airport, 19990 Skywest Drive, Hayward, CA 94541
    • Phone: (800) 752-7924
  • Vector Air – Authorized Service Center
    • Erie Municipal Airport, 395 Airport Drive, Erie, CO 80516
    • Phone: (303) 664-0633
  • Pedron Aircraft Works – Authorized Service Center
    • Denton Municipal Airport, 926 Aeronca Drive, Denton, TX 76207
    • Phone: (940) 453-5324
  • Aircraft Maintenance Specialists – Authorized Service Center
    • 11550 Aviation Boulevard Suite #4, West Palm Beach, FL 33412
    • Phone: (561) 625-7979
  • CurtisAero – Authorized Service Center
    • 81 Kenosia Avenue, Danbury, CT 06810
    • Phone: (203) 702-9204
  • Executive Air Transport – Authorized Service Center
    • Muskegon County Airport, 103 Sinclair Drive, Muskegon, MI 49441
    • Phone: (231) 798-2126

For more information on the CubCrafters parachute, you can visit this page on their website. And if you have any questions regarding the installation, you can contact Jon Delamarter, CubCrafters’ Customer Support Manager, via phone or email:

  • (509) 367-5200
  • jon.delamarter@cubcrafters.com

Featured Image: courtesy of CubCrafters

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