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The Disciples of Flight website (previously known as Skypark.tv) was started in early 2012 by: Jim Hoddenbach is dedicated to the promotion of safety through shared exercise and knowledge from the pilot community.  We, Disciples of Flight, are always looking for individuals who are interested in contributing to the growing knowledge base on the website.  Bottom line:  if you want to write aviation articles then you are in the write place.

Click on the Contact Disciples of Flight and fill out the form to apply to be a contributor.  A sample of your writing or video work is required and will be requested, so you expedite the process by including links to your work.

No previous experience is required to write aviation articles for Disciples of Flight, just an honest, and knowledgeable voice in aviation.

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Clifford Obara - 3 posts

I am a 32 year old Kenyan, trained for my aeronautical engineering diploma in Kenya before getting my PPL and CPL in South Africa. After that, I returned to pursue engineering at various companies before finally settling into to flight instruction. My instruction career started with me investing in a simulator since the entire country was operating on ONLY one sim and this was not acceptable to me. Over time, it has been upgraded to a fully fledged flight school or what they call here an ATO (approved training organization).

Michael Little - 3 posts

Michael R. Little is a retired USAF navigator who now holds a private pilot certificate and flies his own 1958 Cessna 172, which he won in a raffle for $50. He received his bachelor’s degree from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, Florida, and an M.A. in History from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. He coauthored "T-41 Mescalero: the Military Cessna 172" with Walt Shiel and Jan Forsgren and has written a number of articles which have appeared in publications such as Air Forces Monthly, Air University’s Air & Space Power Journal, Aviation History and Kungfu Qigong, as well as on the websites of the Latin American Aviation Historical Society and China-Defense.com.

John Belz - 3 posts

John Belz grew up in Philadelphia and moved around the U.S.A. a bit before settling in Salt Lake City. Now he is a physics professor at the University of Utah, and in addition to teaching courses at the U, John does research in the field of particle astrophysics using an observatory in Utah's West Desert. John's interest in flying dates back to his teens. He joined the Air Force because he wanted "to fly jets", but his failure to maintain the necessary haircut delayed his pilot training for almost thirty years. Finally, on 9/9/9 he completed his checkride and became a certifiable pilot. John considers himself the luckiest man alive, with a great job, great hobbies, a wife and partner Kolaleh who keeps him laughing and a stepdaughter Niki who tolerates his eccentricities in exchange for flight time. He is looking forward to contributing his perspective as a scientist to the Disciples of Flight.

Chrissi Culver - 3 posts

Chrissi is a Freelance Aviation Journalist and active Private Pilot with a passion for everything aviation. She holds a B.S. in Air Traffic Management with minors in Aviation Safety and Communication from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. Chrissi is currently blogging about her wide-range of experiences in the Aviation Industry at her blog, "My Love of Aviation."

Timon Martin - 2 posts

Timon S.W. Martin is a lifelong aviation fanatic and flight simulator guru. He is currently enrolled in the professional pilot program at Utah Valley University where he will complete his CFI-I. After which, he plans to attend the University of Utah School of Engineering where he will obtain a degree in Aeronautical Engineering.

Kathleen Bangs - 2 posts

Kathleen Bangs is an on-air aviation analyst, former commercial airline pilot, and 2005 overall winner of the International Aerospace Journalist of the Year Award. She has over 10,000 flight hours, and a fondness for the Reverse Cuban 8.

Dimitrios Myzithras - 2 posts

Dimitrios Myzithras has been passionate about flying since his early childhood. This he attributes to a noisy formation of F-4E Phantoms flying a few meters above his head in the Greek mountains, when he was 7. With studies in mechanical engineering and aeronautics, he enjoys reading about flying machines, almost as much as flying them cross-country.

John W. Pletcher III - 1 post

I have flown in Alaska since 1977, and am Commercial, Instrument, SEL, SES, MEL, MES rated. I am a retired attorney involved at times with aviation- related accidents and the defense of pilots, commercial operators, manufactures, and suppliers. Currently, I am involved with multi-engine seaplane training in the capacity of owning the Grumman Goose involved in this: www.goosehangar.com

Doug Lutz - 1 post

Doug Lutz, 66 years old, has had a remarkable lifetime of fascinating careers. From owning a saloon in Montana; flying in helicopters and blowing up dynamite in the oil and gas exploration industry; working in numerous toxic hell-holes in the hazardous waste business, being a bank president in Colorado and New Mexico and finally as a civil servant at the Albuquerque International Sunport. He shares a wonderful historic home in Albuquerque, New Mexico (that houses one of the finest collections of exotic animals in the world) with his talented artist/teacher wife, Carol, two sons, Cody and Colter, both in college, and a pair of standard poodles.

Bill Roberts - 1 post

Bill Roberts is an instrument-rated private pilot and videographer. His love of aviation began at the age of four when a neighbor let him "fly" his Cessna 195. Bill loves flying and long before 9/11 was lucky enough to co-pilot a T-6 Texan over Pearl Harbor, tracing the route the Japanese flew on that fateful day in 1941. As a builder, he won Grand Champion at Copperstate 1996 for his US Light Aircraft Hornet. Bill has also written for other aviation publications, including EAA Experimenter and Pilot Getaways. A native Arizonan, Bill has produced popular aviation videos since 2005. His next video project is a backcountry flying adventure in the Ozarks. Click the button below to visit Bill's website and learn more.


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