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The Disciples of Flight website (previously known as Skypark.tv) was started in early 2012 by: Jim Hoddenbach is dedicated to the promotion of safety through shared exercise and knowledge from the pilot community.  We, Disciples of Flight, are always looking for individuals who are interested in contributing to the growing knowledge base on the website.  Bottom line:  if you want to write aviation articles then you are in the write place.

Click on the Contact Disciples of Flight and fill out the form to apply to be a contributor.  A sample of your writing or video work is required and will be requested, so you expedite the process by including links to your work.

No previous experience is required to write aviation articles for Disciples of Flight, just an honest, and knowledgeable voice in aviation.

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Darcy Vernier - 1 post

Darcy Vernier lives in California and is still an active CFI. He has over 9,000 hours, an ATP, and enough stories to keep students laughing and intrigued until they graduate.

Benjamin Wu - 1 post

At the age of 10, Benjamin was found to be near-sighted, and gave up the dream of being a pilot. After earning a degree in college and working towards becoming an R&D chemical engineer, he was offered the opportunity to train with the airlines and become a pilot. He is now a newly minted first officer, with 800 hours total flight time. Benjamin is type rated on the 747 and aims to keep learning all he can while enjoying the flight!

The FAA Safety Briefing Magazine - 1 post

The FAA was created to usher in the Jet Age of commercial air transportation. Over the next five decades and up to the present day, the FAA has served as both an overseer and proponent of advancements in aviation that continue to push the limits of science and technology. Specifically, the FAA mission is to provide the safest, most efficient aerospace system in the world.

HO Aircraft - 1 post

In business for over 30 years, our attitude is simply that we can build, fix, or restore anything. Because we specialize in World War II and earlier aircraft, having the ability to innovate and adapt is crucial. These pieces of aviation history come through our door in rough form, with no blueprint or guidelines. We accept any challenge that comes our way, taking pride in producing award winning work and leaving customers with the plane of their dreams.

Howard Bucy - 1 post

Howard A. Bucy is a flight, sim and ground instructor as well as Training Center Evaluator (TCE) teaching the Gulfstream G280 at the FlightSafety International DFW Texas Learning Center. He holds an ATP with five type ratings and CFI, II, MEI and BGI certificates with 7000 hours in aircraft and over 15000 hours teaching in simulators. He makes his home in Rhome Texas and can be contacted at howard.bucy@flightsafety.com

Doug Lutz - 1 post

Doug Lutz, 66 years old, has had a remarkable lifetime of fascinating careers. From owning a saloon in Montana; flying in helicopters and blowing up dynamite in the oil and gas exploration industry; working in numerous toxic hell-holes in the hazardous waste business, being a bank president in Colorado and New Mexico and finally as a civil servant at the Albuquerque International Sunport. He shares a wonderful historic home in Albuquerque, New Mexico (that houses one of the finest collections of exotic animals in the world) with his talented artist/teacher wife, Carol, two sons, Cody and Colter, both in college, and a pair of standard poodles.

Bill Roberts - 1 post

Bill Roberts is an instrument-rated private pilot and videographer. His love of aviation began at the age of four when a neighbor let him "fly" his Cessna 195. Bill loves flying and long before 9/11 was lucky enough to co-pilot a T-6 Texan over Pearl Harbor, tracing the route the Japanese flew on that fateful day in 1941. As a builder, he won Grand Champion at Copperstate 1996 for his US Light Aircraft Hornet. Bill has also written for other aviation publications, including EAA Experimenter and Pilot Getaways. A native Arizonan, Bill has produced popular aviation videos since 2005. His next video project is a backcountry flying adventure in the Ozarks. Click the button below to visit Bill's website and learn more.

Ken Cantrell - 1 post

Ken has been flying since 1967, when he first soloed a Schweitzer sailplane on his 14th birthday. He flew competition aerobatics in the mid 70’s, and after taking time off from flying to raise his two boys, he embarked on a major building project. He bought a high performance RV6 kit plane, and after almost 4 years of continuous construction, he flew the RV6 for the first time on April 26, 2002. Since then, he has put over 1000 hours of trouble free time on his aircraft and has enjoyed traveling with his wife Marilyn throughout the western states. In 2004, Ken merged his 2 hobbies of flying and photography. In 2010, after retiring form a 40 year retail career, Ken was able to start enjoying his combined passions of flying and photography on a full time basis.

Sarah Simonovich - 1 post

Sarah Simonovich graduated summa cum laude with her BFA in Writing and Literature from Wilkes University in the historic riverfront of downtown Wilkes-Barre. Sarah currently writes for Aviation Oil Outlet and The Flight Blog where she uses her skills and passion to tell compelling stories of history’s greatest aviators.

George Horcher - 1 post

George Horcher is a senior at Metropolitan State University of Denver, working toward a degree Aviation Technology. He is a certificated Private Pilot with aspirations to fly commercially, and to become a contributor to the aviation culture.


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