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The Disciples of Flight website (previously known as Skypark.tv) was started in early 2012 by: Jim Hoddenbach is dedicated to the promotion of safety through shared exercise and knowledge from the pilot community.  We, Disciples of Flight, are always looking for individuals who are interested in contributing to the growing knowledge base on the website.  Bottom line:  if you want to write aviation articles then you are in the write place.

Click on the Contact Disciples of Flight and fill out the form to apply to be a contributor.  A sample of your writing or video work is required and will be requested, so you expedite the process by including links to your work.

No previous experience is required to write aviation articles for Disciples of Flight, just an honest, and knowledgeable voice in aviation.

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Mike James -1 post

Mike James is a writer, Spitfire fanatic and WWII history enthusiast who lives in Brighton, UK. A regular at the many air shows around the country, Mike has a modest record of flying hours in Cessna aircraft. With a taste for the extreme, Mike has piloted an Extra300 and a Bulldog on a couple of aerobatic experiences … and even braved a few skydives in his youth.

Joanne Ford -1 post

Aviation enthusiast Joanne Ford continues her longtime fascination with aircraft. She's especially intrigued by vintage airplanes, as these storied flyers (and their pilots) earned a place in aviation history. She also likes learning about non-traditional aircraft and the often-quirky people who fly them. Best of all, she enjoys sharing her discoveries with others through her writing.

Marius Bujor -1 post

Marius Bujor is a former journalist from Bucharest, Romania, Europe with a great passion for aviation history and scale model aircraft. He enjoys watching documentaries and reading everything about aviation history, and also writing articles and building model planes when time allows him. If you share his interests in history and scale aircraft modeling, you can read more on his website - Model Aircraft Universe. (www.scale-model-aircraft.com)

Ray Rivera -1 post

Ray L Rivera is a B757/B767 Aircraft Maintenance Specialist (fancy title for a technical writer) for UPS Airlines in Louisville, KY. He edits illustrated parts catalogs, maintenance manuals and wiring diagrams for the fleet. He’s wrapping up an Instrument Rating and he flies surveillance missions over the Ohio River as Aircrew for the USCG Auxiliary Aviation. Ray considers Tulsa, OK his hometown, earned a BS in Engineering Science from the University of Tulsa and an MSM in Integrated Logistics from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (Online) in 2012. He lives in Crestwood, KY with his wife Bonita and boys Scotty and Leland.

John W. Pletcher III -1 post

I have flown in Alaska since 1977, and am Commercial, Instrument, SEL, SES, MEL, MES rated. I am a retired attorney involved at times with aviation- related accidents and the defense of pilots, commercial operators, manufactures, and suppliers. Currently, I am involved with multi-engine seaplane training in the capacity of owning the Grumman Goose involved in this: www.goosehangar.com

Michael Teninty -1 post

Michael Teninty is an avid general aviation enthusiast. An aviation professional and certified flight instructor, he has been involved in flying for almost 20 years. He holds a Master of Aeronautical Science degree from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. He hails from the great state of Alaska with flight time over four continents and 3 oceans. He is married to Joleen and they have a lovely little girl.

Tim Brill -1 post

With an undeniable passion for flying, Tim's instruction style echoes his no-nonsense approach to flying: always fun and always informative. Having honed his flying skills in Alaska, Tim specializes in tailwheel endorsements, emergency maneuver training, spin training, aerobatics and mountain flying With over 4000 hours of instructional experience in tailwheel airplanes, Tim encourages students to always strive for higher than what is required of them. An ATP, CFI and CFII, Tim is a Master Certificated Flight Instructor - Aerobatic (MCFI, the First, and only, MCFI-A in Nevada), and a member of IAC (and an IAC National Aerobatic Judge), CUATE (Council on Unusual Attitude Training and Education), SAFE (Society of Aviation and Flight Educators), EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association), AOPA (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association), and an FAA Safety Team Representative for the FAA WP-ll district.

Jessica Bauman -1 post

My aviation career so far has introduced me to incredible people and taken me halfway around the world serval times I've been to airshows all over the US, and from England to Australia. I've crashed on people's sofas I had met at airshows years previously, and traded rides with friends from far away. I can't imagine what my life would be without this community.

Darcy Vernier -1 post

Darcy Vernier lives in California and is still an active CFI. He has over 9,000 hours, an ATP, and enough stories to keep students laughing and intrigued until they graduate.

Alex Pask -1 post

Alex Pask is a young aviator who recently earned his private pilot's license. Ever since he was a kid, he's had a passion for aviation, repeatedly begging his parents to let him go to the local airport to planespot, something which they often allowed. Now, Alex is looking to earn his commercial pilot's license and eventually get type-rated to fly private jets in order for him to fly for the largest corporations on the planet!


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