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Piper Delivers First M600

Piper also revealed that it will be bringing the first production model of the Piper M600 to EAA's AirVenture 2016.
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A little less than a month after Piper Aircraft received a type certification for the M600, they have made the first customer delivery of the aircraft. The first Piper M600 delivery took place in a ceremony held at Piper’s world headquarters in Vero Beach, Florida, where it was handed over to proud owners Jerry and Jack Wardlaw. The Wardlaws have been Piper owners for years, first owning a Piper Archer, then stepping up to the Saratoga, followed by a Meridian, and more recently, an M500.  The couple bases out of Southern Georgia and plans on using the plane for both business and personal travel.

Piper President and CEO Simon Caldecott had this to say about the milestone delivery, “Today’s delivery marks another significant achievement in the M600 Program and our journey to bring new value to the single engine turbo prop market. We are excited to begin deliveries of the M600 less than one month after receiving Type Certification from the FAA, fulfilling Piper’s commitment to developing and manufacturing premium aircraft of exceptional value which consistently exceed our customer’s expectations.

Piper M600 Coming to AirVenture

Piper also revealed that it will be bringing the first production model of the Piper M600 to EAA’s AirVenture 2016, taking place later this month, from the 25th – 31st.  “AirVenture Oshkosh remains the greatest general aviation venue in the world, gathering thousands to celebrate the vast accomplishments of our industry,” said Caldecott. “We at Piper believe that there is no greater place to exhibit the M600, and offer a glimpse to the future generation of Piper Aircraft.”

If you’re wondering what he means about the glimpse of Piper’s future, be sure to attend the press conference they’ll be holding at AirVenture. According to Piper, they’ll be updating people on recent activities at Piper, including the delivery schedule now that they’ve made the first Piper M600 delivery. They will also be discussing Piper’s trainer and continuing product improvements.

In addition to the M600, Piper will also have the rest of the M Models, the M500, M350, and Matrix, on display.

Featured Image: Piper

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