Rep Graves Introduces Fairness For Pilots Act to the House

The Fairness For Pilots Act would provide more protections for pilots who are facing investigation from the FAA.

Following the introduction of identical legislation in the Senate back in March, US Rep Sam Graves (R-Mo.) and co-sponsors Todd Rokita (R-Ind.), Colin Peterson (D-Minn.) and Dan Lipinski (D-Ill.) have introduced the Fairness for Pilots Act in the House of Representatives. Graves co-chairs the House General Aviation Caucus, and Graves, Rokita, and Lipinski are members of the House Aviation Subcommittee.

Graves says that as a pilot and co-chair of the GA Caucus, he’s always felt a responsibility to be a voice for general aviation in the Capitol. He adds that “Unnecessary regulations and bureaucratic barriers cost the industry jobs and prevent pilots from flying. I’m proud today to introduce a bill that improves upon the protections established under the original Pilots Bill of Rights, ensuring we can continue safely taking to the skies and operating as a valuable and vibrant component of the U.S. economy.”

AOPA’s President Mark Baker thanked Congressman Graves for his efforts in introducing the legislation to the house and said that AOPA will continue to work with both chambers to move things forward. Baker added that “AOPA supports efforts in Congress to increase protections for pilots that will help preserve general aviation’s many contributions to communities of all sizes, including 1.1 million well-paying jobs.”

Changes Provided By the Fairness For Pilots Act

Some of the changes introduced by the proposed legislation would be:

Enjoy Your FAA Ramp Check!

Your pilot license or an entire career can potentially be on the line during an FAA ramp check. What you say and do is important, but for the majority of pilots, you have nothing to fear. Pilots have to deal with the FAA in a variety of scheduled situations, so it’s the element of surprise which is the variable here. While I don’t think I look especially suspicious, I have been ramp checked by the FAA while operating Part 91, 135 and 121. It always happens when I’m in a hurry, fighting weather at the other end, or [Click to read more…]