Latest FAA Safety Briefing Covers New Airmen Standards

In Mid June, the new Airman Certification Standards (ACS) went into effect, replacing the decades-old Practical Test Standards. And if you’re not quite sure what’s changing, the FAA’s got you covered.  The recently released FAA Safety Briefing for July / August focuses on student pilots and airmen-in-training, providing tips and resources aimed at helping them succeed in their pilot certification. And as part of that, it explores the recent ACS, covering what pilot applicants will need to know, and be able to do in order to successfully pass both the knowledge and practical tests for a certificate or rating.

Featured Articles in the New FAA Safety Briefing

The ABCs of ACS – A Better Certification System for Future Pilots, which explore the new standards, what they include, and why and how the FAA came to make the changes.

Here’s My Advice – Pilot Tips from Top CFIs, which shares advice and tips from each “CFI of the Year” since 2000.

Junkyard Dog or Factory Fresh – Choosing the Right Trainer for You, which also includes other considerations such as high wing vs low wing, tricycle vs taildragger, and more.

Mandate Myth-Busting – Separating Fact from Fiction for ADS-B 2020 Equipage Requirements, the second part of an article covering a variety of considerations regarding meeting the upcoming ADS-B out requirements. (Part 1 of this article can be found here, in the previous safety briefing.)

In addition, Flight Standards Service Director John Duncan opens the FAA Safety Briefing by exploring the connection between the new ACS and the FAA’s Compliance Policy. And if you’re headed out to EAA’s AirVenture 2016 at the end of the month, the current FAA Safety Briefing contains a list of scheduled safety forums being held at the airshow. To read the current issue, head over to the FAA’s website, or click here.

Featured Image: Pedro Aragao