I am a new pilot, I fly a Cessna 172 heavy, and I wanted to be cool like my instructor Jim Hoddenbach.  Jim enjoys his Zulu 2 headset and of course recommended those to me, but the price on them made me think that it wasn’t THAT important to be as cool as Jim.

So I went online and looked around for some alternatives.  It should be said that I am biased toward DC’s, because in every movie, all the pilots headsets have that classic DC green. And part of my love affair with aviation includes the history and culture of it.  So, what I really wanted was to have some DC’s, just better ones than the standard, classic pairs.

So when they released their DC PRO-X model, and I was immediately intrigued enough to buy.



If you’re interested in purchasing this very cool headset, just drop by the Disciples of Flight Pilot Shop here:

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